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Why Bootlog

Published on: 05/11/2016

Some time ago I made MiBECoM, an "almost serverless" blog written in JavaScript. The only thing that is needed in order for MiBECoM to be deployed is a Web Server (I used Apache, but anything that could serve static files is good as well).

I intented to use MiBECoM as a replacement of my Wordpress blog, because of the infamous "code tag problem" that I described in the post linked above.

I finally gave up when I faced the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) problem applyed to JavaScript applications: since the rendering is almost completely performed on the client, in order for my site to be crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines, I had to set up something like PhantomJS. An activity that revealed to be much more time consuming than I anticipated and ultimately hinders the entire concept of a "serverless" blog engine.

At this point the motives that convinced me to build my own blog application were still intact: the code tag in Wordpress still works as shit and the blog statistics are very poor unless you integrate the Google Analytics plugin, which requires either to pay a substantial fee or to roll out you own Wordpress installation, which also is not free (and comes with a whole new range of security concerns). Markdown is still my language of choice for writing posts, since it guarantees a consistent style and the ability to version your articles using Git just like you do with code.

After trying an AngularJS variation of MiBECoM, I Finally I gave up on my JavaScript ambitions, which have been an endless source of frustrations and seemingly random problems. I switched back to what I should have done since the beginning of this story: building the blog application with Java, Spring Boot and Thymeleaf.

Ah if that has been a relief!